Supplying Artwork

We cannot start work until you supply us with print ready artwork, so please ensure you follow the instructions. If we have to ask you to re-submit your artwork  then this may result in delivery delays.

Our general guidelines for setting up artwork

> Remember to check your artwork size and any bleed requirements before you start work. Ideally you will use one of our templates.

> Do NOT supply your artwork with crop marks or printer's marks. The appropriate bleed should be applied.

> Do NOT use any overprint settings in your artwork. This may result in elements not printing at all.

> Do NOT mix RGB and CMYK elements in the same artwork. When RGB, CMYK and transparency elements
are combined in the same artwork unexpected print results of varying types will occur.

> Please supply PDF artwork in *CMYK format, with fonts set to outline.

> Please convert all Pantones to CMYK

> Please add bleed as specified to all artworks.

> Image resolution: All bitmap images should be 100dpi at full size. We do not need any higher resolution than this. Once processed through our pre-press digital technology your files will actually print at over 1600dpi. However, files below minimum resolution will not print well so please check your artwork carefully before you submit it to us. We do not carry out any image quality checks or spell checking of your artwork. We expect files submitted to be print ready.

> We provide clear specification for artwork preparation so please ensure all artworks are submitted to OUR
specification. Once received we normally proceed to print artworks as supplied.

> We do not take responsibility for unexpected printing results which are caused by artwork not being supplied
to our specification. Re-prints will be charged at the normal rate.

File Sending
> If your file is under 10mb you can email it to us.
> Or you can send your larger files via,,, dropbox or similar service.