Curved Displays

A stunning, lightweight display you can recycle -  asseble in under 10 minutes

Our stunning Formulate fabric displays have a seamless finish with no joins across the front or the back. This gives a uniterruopted sweep with perfect text and image alignment - each time and every time.

These displays are also exceptional value for money and compare favourably with other display systems of similar dimensions. Ease of transport and assembly are exceptional. These displays will fit in a carry bag about the size and weight of a sports holdall - from around 8kg. Ideal for travel on planes as well in cars and taxis. Double sided printing option available free.

 formulate double sided fabric printing

Suitable for all indoor uses

Exhibitions, events, reception displays, office branding, stage backdrops, meetings, photo and filming backdrops, retail displays, conferences and business meetings, universities, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, council offices, art galleries, museums, awards ceremonies, sports events, ceremonies, weddings, step and repeat boards in any indoor environment

Recyclable Formulate Curved exhibition displays

Our frames are made of recyclable aluminium, The fabric graphic sleeve can also be recycled and you can re-use the frames over and over (this is not a single use product), making these systems kinder to the environment than some other displays. Recycling service: When you buy our fabric products you can return the textile sleeve to us once you have finished with it and we will recycle it for you. We are constantly extending our range of display products which will help reduce negative impacts on the environment. We try to offer alternative products which are reusable, recyclable or made from recyclable materials.

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