Recyclable exhibition stands

Recyclable exhibition stands are kinder to the environment. Here at formulate fabric display company we care about the environment is deeply. That’s why we are right behind the shift towards more recyclable displays and away from single use displays and displays which contain a high degree of plastic. Formulate fabric displays come in two formats, formulate curved and formulate straight. The key benefits of stretch fabric display stands is that they are ighly recyclable. The frames are made of aluminium which is commonly recycled whilst the graphic sleeve is manufactured from a polyester fabric which is also commonly recycled.

You might like to know that we have set up a recycling scheme for Formulate displays. Once you have finished with your display  then simply return it to us and we will recycle it for you.  At the moment this scheme is only open to systems purchased from us however we hope to expand it shortly so please check back here regularly. 

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