Formulate Serpentine Fabric Backdrop

Did you know that we stock over 40 different styles of excellent Formulate fabric display stands? We have available three distinctive shapes.  In the range are curved, straight and serpentine bottles.  It does not stop there, we have a number of custom shapes and sizes for you to choose from.  Why not visit our web site pages or simply give us a call to find out about more about the choice all shapes and sizes.  

All curved and straight models are 2.38m / 2380mm high, width options are as follows....
Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm curved Formulate 3m / 3000mm curved Formulate 6m /6000mm curved

Click for straight models...Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm straight Formulate 3m / 3000mm straight
Formulate 4m / 4000mm straight Formulate 5m / 5000mm straight Formulate 6m /6000mm straight

You might also like to know that we manufacture the fabric sleeves for the entire Formulates range in our British factory.  We have our own fabric printing division which specializes in producing the highest possible quality sleeves for these excellent Formulate range at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.  Please do get in touch to find out more.