Formulate Fabric Magnetic Counter

A Formulate fabric magnetic counter is not just the ideal exhibition counter, it is also perfect for a host of other indoor uses - as a pop up ticket desk, as a charity collections point, as a temporary reception desk, a welcome desk, an information point, a leaflet point, a workstation, as a demo counter and so forth.

Magnetic Formulate Fabric magic!
What is unique about this superb counter is that the frame is that it is loaded with magnets so you can snap them together to make a professional counter of literally infinite length and in any configuration. Just snap together as many units as you want and you can have desk that is as big as you want!

How Formulate works
This robust counter is strong, portable, fast to assemble and looks great. It's also simple to assemble. The frame simply push fits together. Once assembled pull on the stretch fabric graphic and zip it up and place the counter top. That's it, you are ready to do business. This counter is made from the same fabric we use to create Formulate fabric backdrops and exhibition stand so you be sure it will match.

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