Formulate Fabric Display Stand Options

We offer our Formulate frames in both straight and curved formats.

Both models are 2.38 m high. You may like to know that we stock curved frames in widths of 2.4 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, and 6 m.

 Our straight frames are available in 2.4 m 3.4 m, 4 m, 5 m and 6 m as well. In other words we are bound to have the size that you need. Every Formulate exhibition stand system comes with its own nylon carry bag which makes this the most portable  pop-up system we have ever seen.

No tools are required for assembly. Formulate simply clicks together and is finished with a fabric sleeve which zips on. Assembly time is just a few minutes and you are in business. You can replace the graphics leave any time, just give us a call . For the foreseeable future we are offering double sided printing for the same such same price as single sided printing, how about that for a great deal.


All curved and straight models are 2.38m / 2380mm high, width options are as follows....
Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm curved Formulate 3m / 3000mm curved Formulate 6m /6000mm curved

Click for straight models...Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm straight Formulate 3m / 3000mm straight
Formulate 4m / 4000mm straight Formulate 5m / 5000mm straight Formulate 6m /6000mm straight

A full range of accessories is also available including matching counters, LED floodlights and clamp on table accessories. More information on our stretch fabric display stands simply contact us and talk to an expert.