Feather Flags in XL sizes

We are often asked to advise about which shape of flag with best suited to a client. There is no simple answer but one factor that you may take into account is very basic, and that the shape of your logo. Some logos are square, some are rectangular, some are circular. Have a look at the five different shape of feather flag which we offer (Windchaser / Quill - Teardrop / Sail - Blade / Crest / Rectangular and decide for yourself which might fit your best. If your logo is more rounded then a Teardrop Feather flags may suit you best. When it comes to branding feather flags most of our clients seem to follow the ethos that less is more. Very often we find ourselves printing a simple logo design , perhaps with a strap line. We do also see more complex artworks but it probably is a case of less being more. Oh, and please do remember that choosing the right base is crucial for the performance of your flag. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat with an expert if you like.  Quick links to other shapes:

Rectangular Feather flags
Crest Feather flags
Sail Feather flags
WindChaser Feather flags